Easy Rider

By Francisca Matos

—A man went looking for America. And couldn’t find it anywhere. 
when did you notice      was it early in the journey 
what gave it away      was it the planes      splitting 
the tarmac in half      because I hear them      all the time 
they sound the same way      the air tastes sometimes 
thick with promise      like something is coming 
when you cast off your watch      jumped on your bike 
the metal glinting in the desert      I didn’t laugh 
I took it seriously      sometimes      I am committed 
to the metaphor too      your friend is running loose
my friends are dreaming      I’m trying to enjoy myself 
what else can I do      but trust the seasons      naturally 
this is easier said than done      you know this better than me 
you kept going      you made it just in time for the party 
so I kept going      trampled over July like I wanted to win it 
and in the end      there was nothing      what I’m trying to say is 
we all went looking      some of us      are still looking

Francisca Matos is the author of Hard Summer. She is very suburban.