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Issue 2

Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note by Gabrielle Marceau


Ask Evie by Aidan Jeans


Cason’s Casting Couch: Girl 6 by Cason Sharpe

Homeschool: The O.C. by Sarah Yanni & Zakery Benjamin

Eye Candy: Duck Butter & “Moments in Love” (Master of None S3) by emilie kneifel

Fan Fiction

13 Going On 30: Jenna vs. Sennah’s Dream House by Sennah Yee

Spec Script

Unwatched and Falling by Andy Myles


Mad Men by Anne Archer

after Renoir’s The River by Harrison Wade

Easy Rider by Francisca Matos


In Praise of The Canyons by Will Sloan

Memories of Shaq by Mark Hanson

Jump Into The Grinder by Tago Mago

Adulterous Hearts by Patrick Preziosi

Not Something Jane Austen Would Have Done by Sabrina Papas

The King’s Madness by Marvin Darkwa


Talking David Lynch’s Dune with Marcus Sullivan & Adrian Murray


John Hyams’ Black Summer by Alex Vuocolo


Sound of Metal Mad Libs by Fan Wu

Film Diaries

Moonstruck by Rosie Long Decter

Inherent Vice by Emma Tulloch

The Virgin Suicides by Sydney Bollinger

Naked by Kawai Shen

I’ve Always Loved You by Trevor McCulloch

Head by Ciara Moloney

My So-Called Life by Bryden Doyle

The Films of Jean Rollin by Ethan Vestby

In The Mood asks: what are your viewing habits, highs, and hang-ups? In other words, why do you look away and then look again? Why are you so obsessed with the exact shade of pink of Suki’s car in 2 Fast 2 Furious? Or the look on Marnie’s face after she’s fired the shotgun? We want to hear all about it, but you should know that we are terrible at keeping secrets.

Cover Art & Illustrations
by Isabella Castillo

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